The Fastest Restaurant Discovery Ever Made

Feastfox is not just
another restaurant platform

We redesigned the restaurant discovery experience from scratch.

Feastfox is simple, personalized and incredibly fast. You’ll find your perfect restaurant for any occasion in less than 3 minutes. That’s super quick, saving you endless hours. Our AI-powered engine analyzes millions of data points to make sure you get what you want - every time.

We know that you’re unique. The way you think, plan and eat out. Feastfox learns your taste, habits and dining preferences and incorporates them into your unique recommendations, taking discovery to a whole new level.


Foxie is the foodie friend you always wanted but never had. He knows all the restaurants, the hottest new spots, the latest trends and a lot more. All he wants is to help you with the best restaurant recommendations.

How does he do it? He cares about you and what you like to eat, where you like to hang out and what your go-to drinks are. He pays attention to every detail, including your allergies, lifestyle preferences or special weekly cleanse. By learning from you, he can give you the most personalized restaurant recommendations ever seen.

The more you interact with Foxie, the more your recommendation quality improves, making restaurant hunting simple, quick and fun.

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