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The 10 Best Steakhouses in Seattle

Updated: February 16, 2021

Looking for the finest Steak in Seattle? To get you the ultimate list of the best restaurants, we examined the best review and restaurant sites incorporating millions of expert and diner reviews. Find everything you need to know about the best Steak restaurants below.

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Korean · American · $27 avg. price for 16 oz steak
Seattle, Wallingford
Google: 4.5
Yelp: 4.0


French · American · $12 avg. main dish
Seattle, Capitol Hill
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.0


American · New American
Seattle, Westlake
Google: 4.7
Yelp: 4.0

Flintcreek Cattle

New American · American · $48 avg. price for 16 oz steak
Seattle, Greenwood
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.5

El Gaucho

American · $60 avg. price for 16 oz steak
Seattle, Belltown
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.0

Red Cow

French · $40 avg. price for 16 oz steak
Seattle, Madrona
Google: 4.5
Yelp: 4.0

Miller's Guild

American · New American · $40 avg. price for 16 oz steak
Seattle, Denny Triangle
Google: 4.3
Yelp: 3.5

JaK's Grill

American · $40 avg. price for 16 oz steak
Seattle, Junction
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.0

Metropolitan Grill

American · $44 avg. price for 16 oz steak
Seattle, Downtown
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.0

Asadero Ballard

Mexican · Latin · $30 avg. price for 16 oz steak
Seattle, Ballard
Google: 4.6
Yelp: 4.5

How did we curate these results?

We know how tough it is to find the best Steak in Seattle. These results are brought to you by Feastfox, with insights from the Yelp and Google ratings for 4854 Seattle restaurants, 1095134 reviews, and 1116 top lists and articles from the likes of SeattleMet, Eater and Infatuation. Don’t bother looking for SeattleMet - The Mighty, Meaty Steak Houses of Seattle, Eater - 10 Stellar Spots to Get a Steak in Seattle and Infatuation - Where To Eat Serious Steak Without Feeling Like An Old Manwe’ve already done so for you and included all you need to know. We automatically update restaurants’ availability and services, so you can find a great meal as the industry adapts to COVID-19. Nobody paid to get on this list, these restaurants earned their spots fair and square. If your next meal is in any of these ten restaurants, the Steak aficionado in you will rejoice.

The Steak Price Index

Gauge the price of Steak around town with the Steak Price Index. Leschi offers pricier Steak, and Capitol Hill the most affordable. To show you the most and least expensive Steak neighborhoods, we checked what each Steak restaurant charges for 16 oz steak.

NeighborhoodAve. price for 16 oz steak# Steak restaurants
Denny Triangle$616
Capitol Hill$2515

Drink pairing tips for Steak

  • Syrah and ribeye

    When considering what goes best with ribeye, we recommend a glass of Syrah, it truly complements the dish as it provides a counterpoint to the richness of the marbled meat.

  • A next-level match for porterhouse

    Experts often pair porterhouse with a glass of Old Fashioned, a popular cocktail.

Interesting facts about Steak

  • The ideal pairing

    Experts recommend pairing steak with tea to complement the food’s fatty profile with the tannin-rich flavors of the drink.

  • August = Steak festival

    Did you know that every year in August foodies in Tulsa, United States celebrate their passion for Steak? The United States Steak Cook-Off Festivalis held annually.

Parking information

Few things are as aggravating as circling around the block, looking for parking when you’re hungry. To make your life easier, we partnered with SpotHero, an innovative digital parking reservation service, so you can easily and effortlessly find parking near your selected Steak spot.

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