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The 5 Best Ice Cream Shops Near Walnut Creek

Updated: May 22, 2021

Finding the top Walnut Creek restaurants has never been easier. To get you the definitive list of the best restaurants, we checked out the best review and restaurant sites incorporating millions of expert and diner reviews. Scroll down to easily compare ratings, reviews, prices, and hours.

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San Francisco Creamery

American · $14 avg. main dish
Walnut Creek
Google: 4.4
Yelp: 4.0

If you travel further

Milano Gelato Ice Cream

Google: 5.0
Yelp: 4.5

Zoonie's Candy

Google: 4.7
Yelp: 4.0

Out The Dough

Google: 4.2
Yelp: 4.5


Google: 4.3
Yelp: 3.5

How does it work?

We know how tough it is to find the best restaurant in Walnut Creek. For these results, 3104661 restaurant reviews were analyzed, 28808 restaurants’ Yelp and Google reviews were captured, and exactly 1901 lists and articles from CultureTrip and others were carefully reviewed by Feastfox. For example, we considered CultureTrip - The 10 Must Try Restaurants In Walnut Creek as we sourced this ultimate list. Our engine uses real-time data to only show restaurants that are open and their updated available services, so you can actually enjoy the food we show. Restaurants can’t pay to show up on this list, so you can trust what you see and enjoy Seattle’s hidden gems. These ten options are sure to delight.

Drink pairing tips for Ice cream

  • The ideal pairing for cookie dough ice cream

    When having cookie dough ice cream, experts suggest you pair it with a glass of Chardonnay, a popular white wine.

  • Pair Champagne with vanilla bean ice cream

    The semi-sweet flavors in Champagne makes it a great sparkling wine to pair with vanilla bean ice cream.

  • The ideal drink pairing for strawberry ice cream

    Knowing what to pair with strawberry ice cream can be tricky. It’s worth exploring some pink wine, particularly a glass of Rosé. This, off-dry, pink wine balances the fruit strawberry ice cream.

Interesting facts about Ice cream

  • A belly full of ice cream

    Are you a fan of ice cream? The current record for eating the most ice cream is 15 pounds in only 8! Do you love ice cream enough to beat this record?

  • Amazing Ice cream in Utica

    The Utica Ice Cream Festival is held every October in Utica, The United States, celebrating the local foodies’ passion for Ice cream.

  • A big feat in 2014

    On June 28, 2014, The United States’s Ice cream fans celebrated a new world record by the strawberry ice-cream, weighing 3,010 pounds.

Parking info

Getting a good parking spot in Walnut Creek can be tough, and it’s worse if you’re hungry. Luckily, you can secure parking stress-free with our partner SpotHero, a digital parking reservation service.

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