Senior Frontend Engineer

Feastfox Inc., based in the heart of Seattle’s red-hot startup scene, is looking for a talented web developer/front-end engineer to help us create an online product that seeks to revolutionize the restaurant-tech industry.

Feastfox, backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture-capital investors, is a machine-learning powered tool that enables users to navigate thousands of restaurants and find one that perfectly matches the mood and the moment -- in less than three minutes.

The successful candidate will join our growing engineering team in Budapest, Hungary. You will immediately take an important role in building and releasing new features, choosing our tech stack, and collaborating with our product team.

In addition to Seattle and Budapest, Feastfox has offices in Cape Town, South Africa.

This is the perfect opportunity for engineers who want to work on a cutting-edge product, to use the latest technologies, and to work in a strong open-source culture. Feastfox believes in the principle of individual ownership; our team members will be rewarded with above-market equity compensation.


Required skills


About Feastfox Inc.

Feastfox is a tech startup whose product will allow people to find new restaurants that perfectly suit the moment and the mood -- all in less than three minutes. That’s the fastest restaurant-discovery experience, ever. We redesigned the entire process from the ground up: Feastfox’s engine analyzes millions of restaurant attributes and matches them to personal preferences stored in the user’s profile. It then filters these matches through the type of dining experience that the user seeks -- date night, business lunch, family brunch -- and provides recommendations on where to go. Feastfox’s diners get what they want - every time.

Our venture was founded at Stanford University by entrepreneurs with strong ties for the restaurant industry. Two of Feastfox’s founders worked on the strategy team at e-commerce giant Groupon, Inc. Our advisory board members include world-class academics, well-known entrepreneurs and industry experts including a former OpenTable executive. The startup closed an oversubscribed seed round in 2019.

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